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Non-FSF Copyleft Usage (24 Mar 2021)

The Free Software Foundation has decided they'd rather hang out with a sex pest than have an ounce of credibility, so fuck em. Let's look at the copyleft licenses they didn't write and see how they're used.

I'll be using the Blue Oak Council's list of copyleft licenses here, because I don't know of a good other way to find specifically copyleft licenses. I'll be searching GitHub for filename:LICENSE "<some snippet from the license>" or checking Wikipedia and then seeing if anything notable turns up.

Maximal Copyleft

Network Copyleft

Strong Copyleft

Weak Copyleft


for maximal copyleft ("must publish source, even if only changing for internal use"), Parity is probably the most promising future license.

for network copyleft ("must offer source to users even across a network"), the European Union Public License is already seeing some adoption.

for "strong" copyleft ("must offer source to users even if just linking as a library"), there are no good options because the GPL has been the only game in town for ages.

for "weak" copyleft ("must offer source to users"), the Mozilla Public License looks like it has a good chance of continuing to exist and be used by actual projeccts for a nice long while.