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Rust 2020: Write Once, Run Anywhere (03 Nov 2019)

thing that is cool: writing the same codebase and having it run on desktop, mobile, and web

thing that is lame: JavaScript is the only language where people really do that right now, outside of big commercial game engines

things that need to happen for Rust to get there:

  1. promote more platforms to tier 1, or maybe introduce a "tier 1.5" where std is guaranteed to work but rustc and cargo are not (although it'd be cool for rustc to work on WebAssembly)
    • iOS: aarch64-apple-ios, armv7-apple-ios, i386-apple-ios, x86_64-apple-ios
    • Android: aarch64-linux-android, arm-linux-androideabi, i686-linux-android, thumbv7neon-linux-androideabi, x86_64-linux-android
    • WebAssembly: wasm32-unknown-unknown (or one of the other wasm32 targets)
  2. test platform abstractions (graphics libraries, game engines, UI frameworks) on all of those
  3. get some high-level examples together of how to use Rust to write performant cross-platform code